We can firmly state that we are a specialised, leading company in the area of production, renovation and maintenance of sport surfaces on artificial groundings. In the span of 18 years of our activity we have created 500 sport fields in countries like Slovenia, the rest of the European Union, Africa, Asia – from Angola through Russia to China.

We build the internal sport fields by using different materials, such as acrylic coatings, PVC grounding, polyurethane groundings and rubber groundings for indoor surfaces. In addition, we advise our customers the optimal solution which is advantageous from a financial and sporting point of view. We built the sport fields on our own account and provide the corresponding warranty for them.

The PVC sporting grounding is exposed to a vulcanisation process which makes the products enduring and hard. The grounding contributes to a better air quality in closed sport fields and therefore allows a greater physical condition of each sportsman.

Rubber groundings

The rubber groundings are intended for multi-purpose sport activities. Thanks to the unique three-layer structure the grounding maintains its characteristics in time. The three-layer structure gives the ultimate strength to the grounding and ensures the distribution of the load. It also makes the grounding elastic and soft. The groundings are certified with FIBA, FIVB, IHF, and Greenguard Gold certificates.

Polyurethane groundings

The polyurethane artificial groundings are very durable and ensure high performance. These characteristics are secured thanks to high quality materials, different thicknesses and levels of elasticity. The absence of contact gives the grounding a better look, an easier maintenance and a quicker repair of damage. The quality of Casali products is recognisable by prestigious certificates.