We can firmly state that we are a specialised, leading company in the area of production, renovation and maintenance of sport surfaces on artificial groundings. In the span of 18 years of our activity we have created 500 sport fields in countries like Slovenia, the rest of the European Union, Africa, Asia – from Angola through Russia to China.

We use different materials in order to build the external sport fields. They include acrylic coatings, artificial grass, tartan groundings, and other materials that are adequate for sport. In addition, we advise our customers the optimal solution which is advantageous from a financial and sporting point of view. We built the sport fields on our own account and provide the corresponding warranty for them.

Acrylic coatings

The synthetic groundings of different composition (with or without rubber) are intended for different sports and users.

They offer good movement and a total return of the ball. Fields with such groundings do not require maintenance and are extremely resistant to weather conditions and to wear.

Tartan grounding

The material EPUFLOOR is used for sporting groundings such as multi-purpose fields, children’s playgrounds or athletic and running tracks. Due to its rubber and grainy composition, the grounding produces an elastic sporting surface. Movement on this surface is safer and reduces injuries when falling due to its elasticity. This grounding represents quality and universality and justifies your investment among the other versions of the same groundings due to a favourable price.

We offer many versions of groundings and are happy to advise you to choose the best variant for you.

Artificial grass

We offer the artificial grass of the new generations. It can be used to build sport fields in amateur and professional football clubs.

In collaboration with the sportsmen we have created the high-quality artificial grass. It is the best alternative to grass in terms of appearance and usability. Moreover, its price-quality ratio is also very favourable. Tests have shown that the characteristics of this grass offer a high level of comfort in use regardless of the weather. A special structure allows protection from UV rays.